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Die Another Day (LOZ Spirit Tracks, Link x Byrne)
Even in their exhausted sleep, they were clinging to each other like children, lost in the darkness.
Zelda was floating above the luxurious bed and its two occupants, currently hiding under equally luxurious, thick duvets, sewn out of golden silk. Everything in this stupid “Royal Passenger Car” was shimmering in different gold tones; by now, the opulence was already hurting her eyes. Which was saying something; she was used to it, due to her status, after all?
“It’s so pretty in here!” she had exclaimed just the other day, turning in circles, and admiring the interior.
This had probably been the first time Link had lied to her:
“Only the best for the princess!” he had proclaimed with his usual, naïve, sweet smile, bowing deeply to her.
“Oh, Link,” she had replied, laughing, heart melting like butter. “You know I don’t need much anymore!”
Still, at first it had been nic
A True Hero's Job (Spirit Tracks, ZeLink, German)Link fand Mädchen schon immer blöd.
Sie erschienen ihm wie Wesen von einem fremden Planeten. Immerzu fanden sie etwas, über das sie albern kichern konnten, Köpfe zusammengesteckt. Vor allem kicherten sie, wenn er vorbeischlich und dabei erfolglos versuchte, unsichtbar zu sein - er musste ja ständig was im Gesicht haben, oder Petersilie zwischen den Zähnen. Zudem schien ihre einzige Beschäftigung gegenseitiges Frisuren flechten und Farbpigmente aus diversen Töpfchen ins Gesicht schmieren zu sein. Und dabei über andere Mädchen lästern, kaum, dass die den Schauplatz verließen. Oder hysterisch zu kreischen, wenn ihnen ein Käfer begegnete, der größer als zwei Millimeter war.
Oder eine harmlose Ratte.
Oder wenn ein Plakat dieser Boyband über Nacht an eine der Hauswände geklebt wurde, die offenbar der neueste Schrei in Hyrule waren: Die Dämonenkönige waren eine Handvoll Typen, die nicht viel äl


(Feature expires on November 6th.)

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Zelda themed ring by ushiyasha Zelda themed ring :iconushiyasha:ushiyasha 92 15 Link by Nafady Link :iconnafady:Nafady 7 3 Rito Chieftain cosplay v.2 by MauriceLampshade Rito Chieftain cosplay v.2 :iconmauricelampshade:MauriceLampshade 8 5 The Legend of Zelda - Forest Whisper by TrustOurWorldNow The Legend of Zelda - Forest Whisper :icontrustourworldnow:TrustOurWorldNow 303 51 Hunting wabbits by NeoRinku Hunting wabbits :iconneorinku:NeoRinku 10 18 New Spirit tracks weapon? by NeoRinku New Spirit tracks weapon? :iconneorinku:NeoRinku 11 10 Seducing the Captain by NeoRinku Seducing the Captain :iconneorinku:NeoRinku 10 23 Just like the game by NeoRinku Just like the game :iconneorinku:NeoRinku 9 15
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Ch. 1
This is a tale from long ago. It's the tale of the first people of this land.
In the beginning, the people followed the spirits, and all was good.
But that era of peace soon came to an end.
The evil Demon King rose to power, destroying everything in his path.
The spirits had no choice but to face him in battle.
The war that ensued seemed to last an eternity, and much blood was shed.
Finally, the spirits subdued the Demon King, but they could not destroy him.
Their powers were heavily depleted.
With their remaining power, they buried his spirit in a dark, dark realm.
They built shackles to imprison him, and a tower that acted as a lock.
These shackles cover the land to this day.
With their power drained, the spirits returned to the heavens.
Suddenly, bereft of spirits and demons, this land was entrusted to us.
"Well? Do I know how to tell a story or what?" said a jubilant old voice. "I call it.. Spirits and Demons.. at War! I only do this show once a year you know." He paused. "It's a b
:icondeadfrost:Deadfrost 3 0
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks Ch. 2
Link's eyes were stretched wide, and he breathed heavily as the other train passed by. Slowly, with shaky hands, Link shifted into the first forward gear, and the soft chugging began once more. Alfonzo's voice sounded from the caboose.
"Link, watch were you're going!" he yelled, sounding cross. Link rolled his eyes, although still nervous. "So-reeee, but I'm nervous!"
After a short while of steady driving, the wooden train pulled up to a large stone station. Link turned the engine off and leaped out of the train. Alfonzo came out of the caboose, and stood in front of his apprentice. "Well, at least the train's okay," he grumbled, folding his arms. "Not bad, except for the part you almost hit someone's train." Link shrugged, and rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh.. Thanks?"
"Anyway," Alfonzo went on, "you'd better head to the castle for you're graduation ceremony."
Link nodded, and scurried off into the bustling Castle Town. He nearly bumped i
:icondeadfrost:Deadfrost 1 4
Life Forced: Chapter 1
Dark purple clouds stormed ominously in the sky overhead as time unfroze and Link landed one more blow on Bellum's eye finally defeating the monster.
As the Phantom released Linebeck from it's grip the captain felt a sudden surge of energy forced into his body followed by a jolt of agonizing pain and a blinding flash of white across his vision leaving him falling to his knees on the remains of the ghost ship.
Linebeck's surroundings slowly dimmed as the people around him made him jerk in fear. Black, black, all around him, forever around him. The colors slowly started fading from his skin, dripping down to the floor before melding together into a mass, once-green eyes dilating. Breath catching haphazardly in his throat as the mass slowly rose forming...
A sudden leap of tentacles clenching him around his chest and abdomen, bright multi-colored eye leering, that same hissing voice of the creature whispering to him. "I...will...find... you..."

Linebeck jerked up in f
:iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 9 21
Life Forced: Chapter 2
Linebeck rocked slightly back then forward before moving away from the sink after another bout of sickness. He was glad Link had already left for the store else the kid would be forcing him back to bed again. That was definitely the last place the captain wanted to go.
Catching his breath, Linebeck moved towards the backdoor, grabbing his coat off the coat rack and pulling it over his shoulders before he exited. A lush garden, belonging to the person who owned the house was there to greet him. He slowly made his way around the garden, breathing in the smell of fresh tomatoes and strawberries, summer such things. It felt so good to be out there in the air. He blamed this partly on being sick. Being confined inside for days on end, instead of being out on the sea and moving around.
"Well, 'owdy!" A young woman with light brown hair tied into a bun and a basket of vegetables in her arms shouted over at Linebeck as she leaned against the garden fence and smiled at him. "Nice ta see
:iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 4 36
Life Forced: Chapter 3
Several days later, Linebeck was wandering around the town after sneaking out of the house and away from Link. "That boy..." he grumbled as he walked slowly through town. It felt amazing to be out and about, despite throwing up only a few hours earlier.
The dark haired man lept off the ship he'd hitched a ride on and landed on the dock. This island seemed rather small but his last tip about the hero's location had been about this island, so he'd come anyway. Now he was rather glad he had, for on the other side of the deck sat Linebeck's ship. "Found you." He grinned and headed for the ship.
Linebeck walked around, glancing to the docks, eyes skimming the area real quick before rushing forward to go into his ship. He needed to check and make sure nothing happened to her... As Linebeck rushed to his ship, he didn't notice the man coming in the opposite direction until the two collided.
With an oof, the man took a step backwards, he hadn't been watching where he was
:iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 8 31
Life Forced: Chapter 4
Inside the house, Link rushed out of his bedroom when he heard Linebeck throwing up again. "Captain?" He said to the bathroom door worriedly. "Now more then ever... I think we should take you to the doctor."
Linebeck shuddered as his muscles spasmed, forcing his throat to restrict and another heave of nothing. "I ain't going to a damn doctor, kid..." Linebeck murmured through his teeth. "I can't afford it," he said and before Link could offer, interrupted, "an' I don't want you to pay for me. I owe ya 'nough as-is."
Link let out a stressed huff wanting to tear his hair out. "You don't owe me anything! Heck, you let me use your ship for so long, I owe YOU! Now come on, I'm taking you to a doctor."
"No!" Linebeck yelled, "I'm not going back out there!" Not while Bellum's there. He couldn't take seeing Bellum again, it stressed him out and made him more jumpy and wanting to bolt. He wished he was at his ship...
Link sighed his eyes never leaving the bathroom door. "This is about Bellum is
:iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 8 13
Life Forced: Chapter 5
Linebeck currently was laying in bed, fighting sleep. He didn't want to fade off to unconsciousness after what happened today, but soon the dreams took him away again and the scene played in front of him like before. Purple clouds, ominous and dusty outlining the sky, time unfreezing during the final strike and Bellum pulling away from him, blinding flash of pain and a rush of energy...
Then blackness and Linebeck, skittish and frightened, did something he'd never done before in this dream. He stood and ran. His steps wobbly at first, but he quickly gained speed, clenching his eyes tight as he ran. Something wet and slimy wrapped around his wrist and he opened his eyes as he was jerked back.
A tentacle slowly morphed into a hand, leering eye turning into a face. The man jerked Linebeck up against him and breathed into the frightened captains ear, "Found you..."
Link rushed into the captains bedroom as once again, Linebeck woke up screaming. "Linebeck, shh, it's okay, it was just
:iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 5 42
Just... WHY? by CyphonFiction Just... WHY? :iconcyphonfiction:CyphonFiction 20 18

Railway traffic

The Hyrule Railway Network is back on track and on full throttle!
As soon as possible, we'll buy the Super Group status for it again! ^^
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Affiliations requests are open again! Only other Zelda-focused groups can affiliate with this one, though.
Members of affiliated groups can submit to some of this group's Favourites folders, but not to the Gallery.

Group Info

In the group Gallery we only accept deviations related to the following Zelda games: Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Four Swords / Four Swords Adventures, and Tri Force Heroes.
Before submitting anything please read the rules in the column on the right, and please notice that you can submit artworks based on the other Zelda games in the Favourites. :)
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The Legend of Zelda (ST, PH, TWW, TMC, FS/FSA)

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IMPORTANT: clarifications about submissions rules

:bulletgreen: 10 submissions / month;
:bulletgreen: deviations related to Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Four Swords / Four Swords Adventure, and Tri Force Heroes;
:bulletgreen: fan-OCs and crossovers, but only if someway related to those games and if the fan-OCs are recognizable as Zelda characters;
:bulletgreen: any type of media, style and technique;
:bulletgreen: mature content (if properly tagged).

Not accepted:
:bulletred: deviations that are made in the art style of Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Four Swords / Four Swords Adventure and Tri Force Heroes, but aren't related to them;
:bulletred: anything traced or copied from something else, unless it's used to make graphics creations in an original, funny and/or really useful way (permission by the original creator must be obtained, of course, unless you are using official Zelda artworks and photos);
:bulletred: screenshots of games and other official Zelda products or photos of official merchandise collections unless you took them in a really creative way or used them to make good photomanipulations.

About quality control:
:bulletblue: these are just guidelines, feel free to ask in the correspondence if you want to receive a more detailed explanation about a declined artwork;
:bulletblue: drawings not made on a proper surface if it shows too much and/or the drawing isn't really good;
:bulletblue: too simplistic sketches or unrefined artworks in general;
:bulletblue: cosplay photos that show too many not Zelda-related elements;
:bulletblue: poor presentation / scans / photos;
:bulletblue: really bad grammar/spelling for written works;
:bulletblue: coloured official Zelda manga pages (they could be accepted in the "Miscellaneous" folder if the colouring is really well done, but never in the Doujinshi_strips_comics folder, which is only for your original stories);
:bulletblue: WIPs (unless they are really detailed or well-done in general).
Hello, fellow engineers and passengers, I am Loki, newly appointed engines member! *puts out coal-blackened hand* Nice to meet you!

I am supposed to introduce myself, so... here goes: I paint with acrylics (and sporadically earn a few extra bucks with portrait commissions - not posted here yet), but mainly, I am a fanfiction writer. I have written quite a bunch of stories in German, and have recently switched to English. Also, I seem to have a weakness for unusual pairings with… interesting dynamics.

My main fandom is Zelda, of course ^^ I have played most games; I hardly remember the old ones, however, as I don’t have my trusty old consoles anymore (I gave them away… *sigh*). Back then, I used to play Zelda for the sake of game mechanics, not story or characters. The game that made me fall in love with the series, buy and beat every LOZ game compatible with the Wii/Wii U and handhelds (while getting really cranky at having missed out on getting Four Swords as a free download), and being known as the one with the Zelda shirt(s) at work was…

♥ Skyward Sword ♥

I adore this game’s world, characters, art style, music, and indeed: motion plus, I wish they would bring it back (it’s getting lonely here…), also it features my OTP - oh? What am I doing here in a Spirit Tracks group? Reasonable question! Well, ST is one of my favorites. At the beginning of 2017, it was the only game I had not bought yet. I was not so keen on playing it for several reasons, but I simply needed something to pass the time until BotW, something that consisted of not playing SS or TP yet again, so I gave it a chance…

Falling in love with ST was not planned, or liking it 1.000x more than WW (hey, put that brick down!), including the art, despite both being toon style. I’m convinced that there needs to be more flexing princesses in pink armor, that the Demon Train is wearing Ganondorf’s face for mysterious reasons ‘-’ and that his theme is absolutely badass. Also, ST has Byrne and his badass theme in it. ‘Nuff said.

Okay! *gets up, leaving coal imprints all over the group’s new white couch* I’m off to feed my BotW addiction... shut up, brain request some of your awesome works for SpiritTracks-FC! If you have any group-related (or general) questions and/or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to help!

It was a given since this game uses the same toon style of the other Zelda titles already allowed in this group, anyway I also wanted to write a new journal to tell you that this group is becoming active again.
With the new 10 deviations per day rule for groups I can't go and request back all the expired submissions as I would like to since it would be inefficient, but I'm requesting some deviations among what I find in my inbox already (I follow many Zelda artists/groups). I'll try to accept all upcoming submissions, too.

Unfortunately I can't make new Gallery folders without buying the Super Group status back first, so if you can please donate points to the Donation widget in my profile page (not directly to me).
I should check if DA raised its prices for Super Groups too other than for Premium Membership, anyway I want to try to buy it for this group at least once in a while to make new Gallery sub-folders. They are necessary when I need to make ones for new games (like in this case for Tri Force Heroes), and especially to properly sort doujinshi/fanfics (and eventually their chapters).

That said, you can continue to submit normally to the main folders, but please remember about submission rules (you can find them in the group's Home page, just below this journal).
Have fun, and sorry for being inactive for so long!
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